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2m ago
February, 14 2023
February, 14 2023
Bonsai Headlines

⚖️ More and More Mysterious Objects

The White House reassured the press today that there was no indication that the unidentified flying objects shot down over the US and Canada were part of a Chinese spy program, leaving more questions about the objects’ origins.

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⚖️ Higher Than Anticipated Inflation Sparks Fears of Further Interest Rate Hikes

January inflation was higher than expected, sparking fears that the Federal Reserve may enact further interest rate hikes.

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💻 Meta May Be Planning Further Layoffs

Meta is reportedly planning a new round of layoffs that are expected to happen sometime in March.

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🍿 Rust Documentary Is Moving Full Speed Ahead

The producers of the film \"Rust\" named Bianca Cline as its cinematographer. The documentary will cover the death of the film's cinematographer Halyna Hutchins during production when a prop gun held by lead actor and producer Alec Baldwin misfired with a live round.

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