Our mission

Simplify and report the news everyone is talking about.

Editorial beliefs

Our beliefs

  • The explosion of content creation across a large range of sources overwhelms people and leaves them less informed.
  • People are busy and need to stay informed. Concision is critical.
  • Social media has created a siloed echo chamber for many. It is imperative to expose people to a broader set of sources and views.

Facts, not opinions

  • We use artificial intelligence to monitor what’s happening in the world so we’re able to cover the most consequential events.
  • Our unique technology allows us to:
  • Remove opinion from sources
  • Maintain independence 
  • Report facts, not opinons
  • Review a balanced range of sources

Human involvement

  • Our editorial team works to report an accurate representation of the sources we use for each story.
  • We quote and provide attribution whenever possible and seek to drive readers to original sources when needed. 
  • A real person always produces and checks the final published content.
  • Real people are constantly reviewing our summarization technology to ensure accuracy and fairness.


  • We do not produce paid content. This reduces internal conflicts and provides editorial freedom.
  • We will be transparent on how we make money, and how we ensure any monetization does does not conflict with maintaining independence.

How Bonsai works

  • We use signals from large scale public sources to rank and determine what is being talked about, is consequential, and needs reporting.
  • We ingest information from a wide range of diverse and balanced sources to garner as broad a perspective as possible on each event. 
  • We use artificial intelligence to maintain independence when extracting the most important information from each source.
  • A human reviews and revises content to ensure originality, balance and brevity.
  • We provide links out to additional content for readers wanting further information. 

Contact us

Email us at any time at 👉 team@bonsainews.com

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